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Demonstration projects: Introduction to the Global Campaign and its Demonstration Projects

The strategy of the GCAE includes two parallel and simultaneous tracks: raising of general awareness and understanding of epilepsy, and supporting Departments of Health in identifying needs and promoting education, training, treatment, services, research and national prevention.

Demonstration projects work as part of each country's current health system in order to ensure that epilepsy interventions would be sustainable and able to provide appropriate care over long term periods, including availability of essential antiepileptic drugs.

Specific objectives of the demonstrations projects:

  • reduce the treatment gap and the physical and social morbidity of people suffering from epilepsy through intervention at community level;
  • train and educate health professionals;
  • dispel stigma and promote a positive attitude towards people with epilepsy in the community;
  • identify and assess the potential for prevention of epilepsy;
  • develop a model for promotion of epilepsy control worldwide and for its integration in the health systems of participating countries