Mental health

WHO Country Profiles: Mental Health in Development (WHO proMIND)

The WHO Mental Health in Development Country Profiles (WHO proMIND) outline some of WHO's mental health work in countries. Each profile documents key mental health needs and challenges within the country's political, economic and health context. They also describe the mental health services that are available in each country in the context of the overall health services and system. Additionally, they include a summary of the major milestones and progress made in mental health.

Country profiles are available for the following countries:

  • Belize
    pdf, 758kb

    “Prioritizing Mental Health Services in the Community”
  • Republic of Chile
    pdf, 561kb

    "New legislation to protect and promote human rights of people with mental disorders"
  • Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
    "That every individual who has made CNMI their home may be able to live and interact with each other in a community that is not only nurturing to its members' spiritual growth, psychological balance, emotional stability and physical well-being, but at the same time fostering the development and maintenance of a cooperative and harmonious society."
  • Cook Islands
    "The provision of an integrated community-based mental health service that addresses the needs of all persons with mental disorders."
  • Republic of Fiji
    "The provision of quality mental health services for the people of Fiji"
  • Republic of the Gambia
    pdf, 469kb

    "Effective and humane mental health treatment and care for all"
  • Republic of Ghana
    pdf, 1.67Mb

    " A very progressive mental health law"
  • Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
    "The provision of quality community mental health services that are equitable, cost-effective and accessible to all people… [and that] reflect the comprehensive bio-psychosocial approach through multidisciplinary interventions, with emphasis on human rights, participatory approach and cultural relevance."
  • Republic of Niue
    “For all people in Niue to enjoy mental wellbeing that is grounded in the family, community and nurtured through a multi-sectoral approach which recognises that mental, physical, social and spiritual health are indivisible”
  • Independent State of Papua New Guinea
    "Papua New Guinea: Strengthening services and human rights in mental health"
  • Portuguese Republic
    pdf, 529kb

    "Effective and humane mental health treatment and care for all"
  • Republic of Kiribati
    “To provide the highest quality of care to our most vulnerable, and to help to prevent mental illness where possible. People need to have respect, love and care and their human rights supported.”
  • Republic of the Marshall Islands
    "Ensuring people with mental and psychosocial disabilities are able to access health and social services when needed, in line with traditional values”
  • Republic of Nauru
    "For all people in Nauru to be appreciative of, and to enjoy, mental well-being"
  • Republic of Sierra Leone
    pdf, 2.60Mb

    "To make available to all the people in Sierra Leone, in collaboration with a range of partners, affordable, accessible, sustainable and integrated high quality mental health services"
  • Tokelau
    "All Tokelauans enjoying the highest standards of mental health and well-being that is grounded in the kaiga through equitable access to comprehensive community based, integrated, quality health services and care."
  • Republic of Uganda
    pdf, 1.78Mb

    “A population that has access to a comprehensive and well coordinated system of care that promotes mental wellness and recovery from mental, neurological and substance abuse disorders”
  • Republic of Vanuatu
    "Awareness at all levels of the importance of investing in the mental component of health as defined by the World Health Organization, dedicated to a mentally healthy nation and committed to equity and accessibility to humane community care for the mentally ill."
Other country profiles

Other country profiles soon to come: American Samoa, Burundi, Cape verde, Cook Islands, Eritrea, the Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Guyana, India (Uttaranchal), Laos, Lesotho, Maldives, Namibia, Palau, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Samoa, South Africa, Tonga and Zambia.