Mental health

Photos from the launch of the WHO QualityRights Project & Tool Kit

Dr Oleg Chestnov, Assistant Director-General, Non Communicable Diseases and Mental Health, WHO

"Mental Health has a very important position in the WHO agenda. It is clear for us that in the future we will get more and more attention in Mental Health"

H.E Mr Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, President of the sixty-sixth session of the United Nations General Assembly

"It is my firm belief that, addressing mental health issues effectively is paramount to the success of development efforts across the world"

Dr Michelle Funk, Coordinator, Mental Health Policy and Service Development, Mental Health and Substance Abuse, WHO

"QualityRights Toolkit and Project, when implemented, will improve the quality of care and human rights for people with mental health conditions all over the world"

Ambassador Carlos Enrique Garcia Gonzalez, Deputy Permanent Representative of El Salvador to the United Nations

“Sincerely, this is a great opportunity to ask member states and also the civil society (including NGOs and private sector) to work together in this incredible task"

Mrs Robinah Alambuya, President, Pan African Network of People with Psychosocial Disabilities, Uganda

“There can be no mental health without embracing our expertise. We have always remained the untapped resource in mental health care. We must be involved and consulted in raising awareness”

Dr Julian Eaton, Mental Health Adviser, CBM West Africa Regional Office

“It’s very exciting to see the tool kit launched today, which I believe is going to be a very valuable and helpful network”

Mr Gregory David Roberts, bestselling author of ‘Shantaram’

“This man, who had this mental disability, had transformed the prison; he changed every single person who was there on that day”

Mr Gary Foster, Hollywood film producer and mental health advocate

“I faced my fears… So when someone in need reaches out a hand: shake it; receive a warm smile; listen to their story; and you never know it, might change both of your lives”

Dr Jacob Kumaresan, Executive Director, WHO Office at the United Nations, New York

“What an afternoon… We had an amazing bunch of speakers and I think they haven’t only touched us but they have also inspired us”

The audience
The audience
The audience