National health policies, strategies and plans

Call for Proposals: Evaluation of the Global Learning Programme on National Health Policies, Strategies and Plans (GLP NHPSP)

The GLP NHPSP’s objective is to strengthen WHO’s capacity to support its Member States to develop, implement and monitor robust National Health Policies, Strategies and Plans, and, in concerned countries, to implement the Paris Declaration and IHP+ principles. This objective was further reinforced by the World Health Assembly Resolution 64.8, “Strengthening national policy dialogue to build more robust health policies, strategies and plans”, that requested, among other things, the WHO Director General “to strengthen the Organization’s capacity at all levels for enhanced and integrated support to national policy dialogue around national health policies, strategies and plans.*

The aim of the GLP NHPSP is not to train WHO staff on all aspects of the national health planning process or to replace existing technical courses developed internally or by universities. The aim of the GLP NHPSP is to strengthen WHO staff capacities, more particularly at country level, in engaging in the national planning process, in facilitating/brokering health policy dialogue, and in knowing when and where to get support from the different specialists within and/or outside the Organization to provide the best technical support to countries. In order to achieve these objectives, the GLP NHPSP uses adult learning methods. The contents of the GLP NHPSP have been mainly developed internally, using adult learning methodology. In addition, significant numbers of staff from headquarters and regional offices have contributed as technical resource persons and facilitators during the learning activities. These internal human resources combined with the financial resources of the Staff Development Fund have allowed over 700 staff from 111 WHO country offices and Regional Offices to participate in the programme.