National health policies, strategies and plans

Country Health Policy Process Tool

Policies, strategies and plans that are developed and negotiated through an inclusive policy dialogue process are more likely to be balanced and to get implemented effectively.

The Country Health Policy Process website is a country-specific and country-owned portal that provides WHO Member States with a tool to capture their policy dialogue process and its results. Countries use their portals to keep the community of stakeholders in touch with one another, to keep track of the progress of the country's health policy dialogue and the resulting decisions, to show case the results of the participatory analysis and priority-setting process and to compile in one place relevant documents and summaries of policy processes.

The website goes beyond collecting current information and provides a forum for discussion.
The tool can be used for the elaboration of policies, strategies and plans and for their annual reviews. Each country portal is developed and maintained by countries, with support from WHO. Access to the country-specific pages is restricted to their Community of Stakeholders. The tool is a WHO Resource.