National health policies, strategies, and plans

Country Planning Cycle Database

Planning cycle database

Effective policy dialogue requires smart timing with country political and institutional cycles and broad stakeholder involvement.

The WHO Country Planning Cycle Database provides a country-by-country overview of national planning, health programme and project cycles together with information on donor involvement and technical support. The overall aim is to improve coordination and synchronization of country health system planning efforts.

For each country, the database provides information on key dates, important milestones, national planning cycles, disease programme strategies and plans, partner projects, financing mechanisms and technical support information. The database is particularly useful to national policy makers wishing to learn from other country's examples and to donors and partners supporting the national health policy, strategy and planning process in a country.

The database in developed and maintained by WHO in collaboration with countries and partners. The information provided may not reflect the most current data in every case, as the database is continually being updated and improved.