Noncommunicable diseases and their risk factors

Governance: Updating Appendix 3 of the WHO Global NCD Action Plan 2013-2020

Assignment given to WHO by the World Health Assembly

Further to the decision of the 140th session of the WHO Executive Board to recommend to the 70th World Health Assembly to consider the draft resolution contained in EB140.R7 (which contains bracketed text in paragraph 1 related to the possible endorsement of the updated Appendix 3 to the WHO Global NCD Action Plan), WHO is convening an information session for Member States on 24 April 2017.

The objectives of the information session are to provide Member States with:

  • additional information to understand the underlying analysis related to interventions included in the updated Appendix 3
  • additional technical briefings on the evidence underlying the interventions presented in the updated Appendix 3.

This website contains the additional information and technical briefings to meet the objectives of the information session set out above.

Main documentation

Technical briefs

Versions dated 12 April 2017

Technical annex

Information documents:

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