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Resolution on schistosomiasis WHA65.21

28 May 2012 | Geneva
The World Health Assembly (WHA) affirmed the feasibility of eliminating schistosomiasis from some Member States. Delegates to the Sixty-fifth World Health Assembly adopted resolution WHA65.21 on the elimination of schistosomiasis.

In their deliberations they urged Member States to take advantage of other on-going activities to intensify schistosomiasis control programmes and to initiate elimination campaigns where appropriate, through strengthened health systems, preventive chemotherapy, provision of water and sanitation, as well as hygiene education and snail control.

The WHA called on the WHO to prepare guidance for Member States towards the elimination of transmission, to establish procedures for the confirmation of the interruption of transmission, and to support countries with post-elimination surveillance to prevent reintroduction of the transmission. The Director-General was requested to report to the WHA every three years on progress towards elimination.