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WHO certifies Ghana free of dracunculiasis

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ICT member verifying absence of infection in a village in Ghana in July 2013

16 January 2015 | Geneva
Ghana has become the latest country to be certified free of dracunculiasis (also known as guinea-worm disease).

The decision by the World Health Organization (WHO) follows a recommendation of the International Commission for the Certification of Dracunculiasis Eradication, which during its meeting of 14-15 January 2015, unanimously concluded interruption of transmission in Ghana.

Only four countries in Africa – Chad, Ethiopia, Mali and South Sudan – are currently reporting cases of dracunculiasis.
For the whole of 2014, a total of 126 cases were reported to WHO, compared with 148 in 2013.

World Health Assembly adopts resolution on all 17 neglected tropical diseases

27 May 2013 | Geneva
Member States call for more focus on the growing threat and spread of dengue
The World Health Assembly today adopted resolution WHA66.12 on all 17 neglected tropical diseases.

Many countries called on WHO to focus more on the growing threat and expansion of dengue and support the scale-up of vector control activities.

Representatives from 32 countries and six speakers from nongovernmental organizations took part in the deliberations.

New phase in fight against NTDs heralds universal access to health interventions for world’s poorest

Sustained commitment key to reaching eradication and elimination targets by 2020
16 January 2013 | Geneva

The World Health Organization’s second report on neglected tropical diseases published today highlights unprecedented progress during the past two years.
Renewed momentum has shifted the world closer to eliminating many of these conditions that take their greatest toll among the poor, thanks to a new global strategy, a regular supply of quality-assured, cost-effective medicines and support from global partners. | More

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Yemenis’ triumph against bilharzia as infection rates halved
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22 January 2015 | Geneva
Progress and challenges in controlling neglected zoonotic diseases

  • Full article
    Veterinary Record 2015 176: 85-86.
    doi: 10.1136/vr.h347

14 January 2015 | Geneva
French version of Control and surveillance of human African trypanosomiasis. Report of a WHO Expert Committee (TRS N°984)