Neglected tropical diseases

In memoriam
Dr Peter F. Beales

09 January 2013 | Geneva

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of our colleague and friend, Dr Peter F. Beales.

He died after a long illness on 3 January 2013.

Peter devoted his life to improving the health of people in developing countries.

He joined the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1956 and served at country and headquarters levels.

He became Chief of Programming and Training in WHO’s Malaria Action Programme in 1980 and also Chief of Training for the Control of Tropical Diseases in 1990. He was also the co-founder and coordinator of WHO’s Health Academy.

Peter diligently served WHO on various boards and committees and wrote guidelines, reports and publications.

His career evolved through numerous scientific disciplines and these included medical research technology, medical entomology, medicine and surgery, tropical medicine, public health, medical administration, programme planning, education, training and the development of international training programmes.

Dr Peter Beales will be remembered as a highly experienced, strong and resourceful leader in the fight against malaria and tropical diseases. Besides his outstanding field experience, he authored more than 67 publications, participated in major international conferences and strategic meetings. He also worked as Consultant to WHO, the European Union and to various national governments and held positions in American Samoa, Hawaii, Thailand, Kuwait, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Peter’s sudden demise is a profound loss to the international public health community. He will be sadly missed and fondly remembered for his professionalism, determination and passion to help.

On behalf of the Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases and the Global Malaria Programme, in grateful appreciation of his merits, we want to convey our deepest condolences to his family and friends worldwide.

Global Malaria Programme
Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases