Neglected tropical diseases

Call for nominations of experts to serve on a WHO Vector Control Advisory Group (VCAG) on new tools

The World Health Organization is seeking nominations for scientific, operational and policy experts to support the work of the WHO Vector Control Advisory Group (VCAG) on new vector control tools.

Applications from women and from nationals of WHO regions, including South East Asia, Western Pacific, Africa, and Eastern Mediterranean regions, under-represented on this committee are particularly encouraged.

Members of VCAG and invited experts provide WHO with high quality, evidence-based advice on the efficacy of new methods of vector control, and to contribute to the role and reputation of VCAG as a useful and internationally-recognized advisory group.

The specific functions of this expert group will include:

  • To review claims and supporting evidence for new classes of products for vector control, including new tools / technologies or approaches;
  • To advise WHO on the evidence required to substantiate the product claim(s) and on the evaluation methods to generate these data
  • To discuss and finalize the Target Product Profile for each new product class;
  • To assist in developing guidance as needed for new products and classes of tool, technology and approach for vector control

Experts provide independent views and serve in their personal capacity to represent a range of expertise relevant to vector control product development and operationalization. The current call is for new VCAG members and temporary advisers with specific expertise in:

  • Development of public health products
  • Vector control programme management
  • Vector ecology, genetics and population biology
  • Insecticide resistance and resistance mechanisms
  • Study design and statistics
  • Epidemiology of vector borne diseases

Procedures for nominations

Interested candidates should provide a cover letter highlighting relevant expertise and experiences and a Curriculum Vitae adapted to specific requirement of this call.

Proposals for nominations should be sent by email to with a cover letter, Curriculum Vitae adapted to this call and a completed declaration of interests form. Only complete nominations received by Friday 3 March 2017 will be considered. Responses will be sent by WHO secretariat to successful applicants only.