Neglected tropical diseases

WHO Vector Control Advisory Group emergency meeting deliberates vector control tools

14 March 2016 | Geneva −− A two-day emergency meeting of the Vector Control Advisory Group (VCAG) got underway today to discuss the use of new vector control tools. Experts are reviewing available evidence on proposed vector control tools and identify potential gaps that might limit the roll-out of these methods.

Besides deliberating on existing vector control tools and their potential, discussions will focus on evidence gathered so far on the use of some new tools including:

  • Wolbachia
  • Transgenic mosquitoes ‘Oxitec OX513A
  • Sterile Insect Technique (SIT)
  • Vector traps
  • Attractive Toxic Sugar Baits (ATSB)

The two-day meeting in Geneva, Switzerland also brings together innovators who are scheduled to provide evidence gathered from diverse conditions. Assessment of each method will be done along with the feasibility of the intervention and its resource implications.

At the end of the meeting a position statement is expected on existing and new vector control tools for use in Zika emergency response.

VCAG is a joint programme of WHO’s Global Malaria Programme (GMP) and NTD.


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