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Lymphatic filariasis situational analyses, core implementation data and trend data are provided through direct access to the interactive reports.

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Latest update – 14 November 2017.


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Source: Global Programme to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis

PC - Preventive Chemotherapy
MDA - Mass Drug Administration
IU - Implementation Unit
IVM - Ivermectin
ALB - Albendazole
DEC - Diethylcarbamazine citrate
DS - DEC-fortified salt

Proportion of global population requiring preventive chemotherapy for lymphatic filariasis (%) – proportion (%) of the population requiring PC for LF in the country out of population requiring PC for LF globally.
Population requiring PC for LF - total population living in all the endemic IUs and which require preventive chemotherapy (PC).
Geographical coverage - proportion (%) of endemic IUs covered by MDA.
Programme (drug) coverage - proportion (%) of individuals treated as per programme target (Total population of targeted IUs).
National coverage - proportion (%) of the population requiring PC for LF in the country that have been treated.

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