Neglected tropical diseases

Frequently Asked Questions

I pressed the “generate” button and had no response. What should I do? (Why when I click on the button “Generate report” macros doesn’t run?)

Do the following steps:

  • When users open the file in Excel all the macros should be enabled. However, in some computers the Excel security settings disable all the macros without notification. If this happens go to Macro Settings and Change Property to “Disable all macros with notification”. Download the files again and when they are open click “Enable Content” when a security warning message appears on the screen.
  • Save the file in original Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls) format or in macro-enable (*.xlsm) format. When users save the file in the format (*.xlsx) then macros are automatically disabled.
How can I transfer data that have been prefilled in Joint Request for Selected PC Medicines form (JRSM) to Joint Reporting Form (JRF)?

The easiest way is to copy and paste data from one form to another. Be sure that you generated new forms in JRF for the same number of implementation units for which data were entered in JRSM. When this is done, copy data from JRSM and paste as values (use Paste Special) in JRF. The following information from the COUNTRY_INFO worksheet can be copied at the same time (for the version covering all 4 diseases):

  • Administrative structure and population data – cells B9:D[8+number of implementation units]. For example, if you have 20 implementation units in the country then copy cells B9:D28. If population data are available disaggregated by age group then copy cells B9:G[8+number of implementation units].
  • Endemicity – cells H9:K[8+number of implementation units].
  • Number of treatment rounds planned for the year – cells P9:S[8+number of implementation units].
There are no cells available to enter the data in the worksheets after the INTRO worksheet. What should I do?

Go back and complete the INTRO worksheet. You should enter the number of administrative units in the country, then click the button “Generate new forms” to generate the cells in the following worksheets. For proportion of population by age group there is a validation rule applied – the value should be decimal between 0 and 100.

Who may apply for donated PC medicines?

Any country listed in the PCT databank may apply for donated PC medicines for relevant diseases.

Who should complete the Joint Forms?

The national NTD coordinator should compile all the required information needed to complete the Joint Forms. In the absence of such a coordinator, programme managers for each of the targeted diseases should coordinate their respective parts in the Joint Forms.

To whom should the Joint Forms be submitted?

The package of documents should be sent by email as follows at the latest by 15 August in order to receive the medicines for delivery the following year:

  • WHO Country Office
  • WHO Regional Office – Regional Adviser for NTD
  • WHO/HQ – email:
  • Mectizan Donation Program
  • Children Without Worms
I do not know the proportion (%) of population by age group in my country. What should I do?

This information is usually available from the statistics office in your country. If not, you can request this information from us via email (

Can I use the Joint Request for Selected PC Medicines to request ivermectin and azithromycin?

The Joint Request can be used to apply for ivermectin, but applications should also be submitted to the Mectizan Donation Program. Currently, the forms cannot be used to apply for azithromycin for trachoma or triclabendazole for fascioliasis and paragonimiasis. The relevant forms and channels should be used instead.

How can I add the signature of the NTD coordinator and the MoH representative to the Joint Request form before submitting it to WHO?

The signature should be handwritten. Once the forms are completed, print out the SUMMARY worksheet, have the relevant people sign the form, then scan the worksheet and send it via email to WHO together with the completed JRSM in Excel file.

The former GPELF Annual Report required reporting of epidemiological data as well as morbidity data whereas the new forms do not. Do I not need to report these data anymore?

While data on the use of PC medicines is reported using the JRF, epidemiological data such as outcomes of monitoring and evaluation or morbidity management activities should be reported using the PC Epidemiological Data Reporting Form (PC EPIRF).

We have an NTD master plan in our country. Do we still need to prepare an annual workplan or can we submit the NTD master plan instead?

If an NTD master plan or strategic plan is available in your country, submit it together with the other forms. However, because a multi-year NTD master plan is usually designed as a long-term strategic plan rather than a detailed operational plan, do not include the information required for the application of medicines (see the AWP template). If the NTD master plan in your country contains all the required information for an annual workplan, an NTD master plan can be accepted instead.