Neglected tropical diseases

Prof. Han-Jong Rim

Prof. Han-Jong Rim

Professor Emeritus in parasitology at the Korea University, senior member of the Korea Academy of Science and Technology, a board member of the Korean Foundation for International Healthcare.

Dr. Lee Jong-Wook Memorial Fund (K-FIH), and former President of the Korea Association of Health Promotion (1994-2000). He graduated from the Seoul National University Medical College in 1957, he took a MSc and PhD in Parasitology from SNU (1957-1963). He studied parasitology at the University of Minnesota (1959-1960), tropical medicine at the Tropical Institute in Amsterdam (1966), and the parasite control under the OTCA training course in Japan (1969). He lectured on parasitology as an instructor, assistant and associate professor at SNU (1963-1973).

He rendered a service to Vietnamese by medical care as a deputy chief of the Korean medical team in South Vietnam (1971-72). Since 1973 he was professor and director of the Institute of Tropical Endemic Diseases in the Korea University until 1997. He has related with the World Health Organization as a member of advisory panel for parasitic diseases since 1986. He has studied mainly on the foodborne trematode infections in Korea. Since 1995 he has worked with his colleagues on parasite control in China, Lao PDR and Tanzania including Zanzibar sponsored by KOICA, Good Neighbors International (NGO) and K-FIH. He received an Achievement Award of National Academy of Sciences, ROK (1987), Mogryeon Medal of Civil Merit, ROK (1997) and Friendship Award from Chinese Government (2004).