Neglected tropical diseases

Call for nominations

WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on Neglected Tropical diseases (NTDs)

The World Health Organization (WHO) solicits proposals for nominations to serve on current and future vacancies in its Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on the control of NTDs (STAG). Vacancies will occur as members rotate out of the group.

Nominations for membership are welcome from all regions of the world without strict deadline as this will help build a standing pool of potential nominees.

STAG is the principal advisory group to WHO for the control of NTDs and reports directly to the Director-General of WHO. It has the mandate of advising WHO on overall global policies and strategies, ranging from monitoring implementation to delivery and linkages with other health interventions. Its remit is to facilitate and monitor the coverage of interventions for the control of NTDs.

All members must be acknowledged experts with an outstanding record of achievement in their own field; have an understanding of the issues covered by STAG and the functioning of national health systems. STAG has a responsibility to provide WHO with high quality, well considered, advice and recommendations on matters described in its terms of reference.

The membership shall seek to reflect:

  • a representation of professional affiliation (i.e. academia, medical profession, research institutes, and governmental bodies including national programmes, and public health departments);
  • major areas of interest; and
  • the four major strategic areas of WHO's work relating to the control of NTDs (i.e. increasing coverage, accelerating innovation, ensuring quality and safety, and integrating with other health interventions).

After determination of eligibility, based on qualifications and ability to contribute effectively to the accomplishment of the objectives of the group, nominations will be submitted to Director, NTD. Appointment of STAG members will be made by the Director-General of WHO on the basis of a proposal from Director, NTD. Members, including the Chairperson, shall be appointed to serve for an initial term of two years with the possibility of only one renewal. STAG will normally meet once a year, but, in addition, members may be required throughout the year to participate in and fully contribute to subgroups of the STAG and will be fully involved in the preparation of each meeting.

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The working language of STAG meetings will be English.

Proposals for nomination to the WHO NTD STAG, may be submitted along with a letter of support and curriculum vitae, preferably by e-mail to