Neglected tropical diseases

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First WHO stakeholders meeting on rhodesiense human African trypanosomiasis control
Date: 20–22 October 2014
Venue: WHO HQ, Geneva, Switzerland
In March 2014, stakeholders met to discuss major progress in the control of gambiense human African trypanosomiasis, with a focus on elimination of the disease as a public health problem by 2020. However, the rhodesiense form remains a risk in terms of low-level endemic transmission, in focal outbreaks or potentially in epidemic form. The upcoming meeting will discuss ways of tackling rhodesiense HAT; coordinate efforts to fill scientific gaps; agree on the way forward for an appropriate and sustainable strategy and produce an advocacy and awareness document to engage inter-sectoral collaboration in endemic countries.


Bi-Regional Meeting on Leishmaniasis to Strengthen Cross Border Collaboration for the Control of Leishmaniasis in Central Asian Countries (EUR) and Middle East Countries (EMR), WHO and Turkmenistan (TKM) Government
Date: 18–20 November 2014
Venue: Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan



Eighth meeting of the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group for Neglected Tropical Diseases
Date: 21–22 April 2015 | Geneva
Venue: WHO/HQ Salle D
The STAG is the principal advisory group to WHO for the control of NTDs and reports directly to the Director-General of WHO. Its mandate is to advise WHO on overall global policies and strategies, ranging from monitoring of implementation to delivery and linkages with other health interventions.


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