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Building a framework for the control of taeniasis/neurocysticercosis
Date: 17–18 July 2014
Venue: WHO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland
The Informal Consultation is being organized in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).
Experts from select countries and stakeholders are expected to formulate a framework for the control of taeniasis and cysticercosis and care management of neurocysticercosis in resource constrained endemic countries.
The meeting will also aim at developing pilot control strategies.


Meeting of the Informal Working Group on lymphatic filariasis morbidity management and disability prevention
Venue: M605, WHO HQ, Geneva, Switzerland
Date: 25–26 August 2014
The aim is to review indicators for morbidity management and disability prevention (MMDP). Participants will also update the current MMDP toolkit at a time when countries begin to achieve a reduction in the prevalence of lymphatic filariasis due to continued preventive chemotherapy interventions.


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