Neglected tropical diseases

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4th meeting of the Vector Control Advisory Group (VCAG)
Date: 16–18 November 2015
Venue: M605, WHO HQ, Geneva
Participants including stakeholders will discuss innovative vector control methods and assess public health value of proposed new paradigms and develop guidance for prototype and paradigm development.


WHO network for human African trypanosomiasis (HAT) elimination: Development of new oral drugs for HAT treatment
Date: 7 December 2015
Venue: Room X7, WHO HQ, Geneva
The 4th meeting of the sub-group “Integration of new tools into national and global policies” will discuss possibilities and alternative approaches to introducing potential new medicines for HAT in a coordinated, safe and effective way. Oral medicines being developed are Fexinidazole (10 days) and Oxaborole SCYX-7158 (single dose).

Global Conference - ‘Global elimination of dog-mediated human rabies - The Time Is Now’
Date: 10–11 December 2015
Venue: Event Department, Graduate Institute, Maison de la Paix, Geneva
The meeting will analyse elimination of dog-transmitted rabies and explore global expansion of control and elimination programmes through an inter-sectoral approach.
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Stakeholder Meeting on T. Solium Taeniasis/Cysticercosis Diagnostics
Date: 16–18 December 2015
Venue: UNAIDS, WHO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland
Participants from countries implementing pilot control programmes on T. solium taeniasis/cysticercosis will discuss progress. The meeting will also discuss diagnostic research.



2nd WHO Meeting of Stakeholders on Elimination of gambiense human African trypanosomiasis (g-HAT)
Date: 21–23 March 2016
Venue: WHO HQ, Geneva
The meeting will assess the status of critical technical aspects to be solved in research and development of medicines and diagnostic tools, epidemiology, vector control and animal reservoir. Discussions will also focus on the need to maintain the commitment of national authorities and partners to WHO’s objective for the elimination of g-HAT.


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