Neglected tropical diseases

In memoriam, Isabel Minguez-Tudela

16 April 2011 | Geneva

Isabel Minguez Tudela

It is with great sadness I learnt of the passing away of Isabel Minguez-Tudela on Saturday 16 April. Isabel was unable to fight her cancer any longer.

She will be remembered inter alia for her total dedication to zoonoses research and control, strong determination to move the subject always a step further and continued kindness.

She was also paying special attention to the next generation of zoonoses researchers and control officers. To that goal she worked very hard in spite of her ill health in October last year to ensure the participation in the above conference of not less than 29 young professionals from East African and European countries.

It has been agreed with the Chair, the Rapporteurs and the main sponsors and stakeholders that the report of the third meeting on Neglected Zoonotic Diseases entitled "Community based intervention for the prevention and control of NZDs" which is now in the final stage of preparation, should be dedicated to her memory.

François Meslin
WHO/NTD Depratment