First steps forward for the cancer prevention and control resolution
WHO Director General Dr. Lee emphasized his strong commitment to lead, and intensify a global action against cancer which includes the development of more practical tools to help countries build and improve their National Cancer Control Programmes.

Following the recent adoption of the Cancer Prevention and Control Resolution at the 58th World Health Assembly in May, the newly-formed Cancer Advisory Committee to the Director-General and the Cancer Technical Group convened on 6-9 June in Geneva. The meetings brought together experts in international public health and cancer control from various countries, including Tanzania, Russia, Pakistan, India, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, China and others. Together, they were clear about the need for a global commitment to prevent and control cancer.

This is the first-ever Cancer Advisory Committee to the Director-General. The objectives of the first meeting were to advise the Director-General on the development of the WHO Global Cancer Control Strategy at the global, regional and national levels. This Strategy will aim at strengthening and accelerating the translation of knowledge into action to ensure the reduction in the cancer burden and improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families.

Immediately following the Cancer Advisory Committee, the Cancer Technical Group's initial meeting was held. This group focused on another major activity, the Global Report on Cancer Control. The Report is part of the WHO Strategy and will serve as an advocacy tool as well as provide concrete evidence-based information on best practices in cancer control to guide countries in the implementation of effective and efficient programmes. The objectives of this meeting were to agree on the outline, format and audience of the report, as well as on the methodology and next steps for its development and dissemination.

There will be ongoing interaction between the two groups and the WHO secretariat in order to develop both the Global Strategy and the Report, both of which are to be launched in early 2006.

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