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Country initiatives

Statement by Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General:

Dr Margaret Chan
"… we need to be smart in our planning and priority setting, and street-wise in our actions. Health is not an abstract issue at global and national levels, but a concrete reality that touches individuals, households and communities..."

WHO is not the implementing agency within countries, but can support country priority setting, country ownership, and country stewardship. I am convinced that countries know their own priorities. WHO can advise on technically sound methods to address those priorities and help with resource mobilization."

NMH is engaged in a wide range of country-level initiatives aimed at supporting countries to implement guidelines, policies and strategies to reduce or prevent chronic diseases, improve mental health conditions and prevent violence, injuries and disability.

Here we will profile a number of country initiatives, and regularly update on their progress. This month we will start with one country initiative and will illustrate what WHO does in preventing and reducing risk factors for health conditions associated with tobacco.

Prevent and reduce risk factors for health conditions associated with tobacco, alcohol, drugs and other psychoactive substances, unhealthy diets and physical inactivity

- Bloomberg Initiative to reduce tobacco use

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Dr Svetlana Akselrod
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Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health
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