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WHO Executive Board reports

WHO Executive Board 117 recommends resolutions

  NMH EB117 resolutions:


The World Health Organization's Executive Board (EB117), which met from 23-28 January 2006, has recommended four resolutions which fall under the responsibility of Noncommunicable diseases and Mental Health. They will be presented to the World Health Assembly, WHA59, for consideration in May, 2006.

:: EB117/R2: Nutrition and HIV/AIDS

:: EB117/R3: Sickle-cell anaemia

:: EB117/R4: Prevention of avoidable blindness and visual impairment (with draft resolution)

:: EB117/R9: Health promotion in a globalized world

As well as the following relevant progress report:

:: EB117/29: Implementation of resolutions: progress reports, A: Infant and young child nutrition (resolution WHA58.32)

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