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The WHO Executive Board (EB117), January 23-28 2006, is recommending for consideration to the WHA59, May, 2006 the following resolution:

  NMH EB117 resolutions:

EB117/R9: Health promotion in a globalized world

Health promotion is a cornerstone of primary health care and a core function of public health. It is both effective and cost-effective in reducing the burden of disease and in reducing the social and economic impact of diseases.

The 6th Global Conference on Health Promotion, entitled “Policy and partnership for action: addressing the determinants of health” held in Bangkok, 7-11 August 2005, was convened by WHO and the Government of Thailand with a view to contributing to reduction of health inequality in a globalized world through health promotion. The main outcome of the Conference was the adoption by participants of the Bangkok Charter for Health Promotion in a Globalized World, together with consensus among participants on future directions for health promotion.

This resolution from the EB recommends to Member States to consider the need for increased investment in health promotion as an essential component of equitable social and economic development, to establish mechanisms for involving government and fostering the active engagement of civil society, the private sector and nongovernmental organizations in health promotion. WHO Secretariat is asked to strengthen capacity for health promotion across the Organization in order to provide better support to Member States, and to optimize use of existing forums of Member States for multisectoral stakeholders, interested organizations and other bodies in order to support the development and implementation of health promotion, and to report on the need for new forums or bodies to encourage health promotion.

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