Noncommunicable diseases and mental health

WHO global forum: Addressing the challenge of noncommunicable diseases

27 April 2011, Moscow, the Russian Federation

The WHO Global Forum will bring together a wide group of stakeholders to share views and experiences to date on the challenges and opportunities in noncommunicable disease prevention, treatment and control. Global Forum participants will identify and commit to priority actions to strengthen global action to prevent and control NCDs.

Objectives of the Global Forum:

  • Provide an opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders to discuss and share perspectives on the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)
  • Understand expectations, roles and contributions of the different stakeholders in support of the September 2011 UN High-level Meeting (HLM) on NCDs and its expected outcomes, as well as activities post the HLM.
  • Update knowledge and share experience on progress in addressing NCDs including through implementing the Action Plan for the Global Strategy for the Prevention and Control of NCDs.
  • Promote ways of accelerating the implementation of actions for international and national partners under each objective of the Action Plan.
  • Mobilize a broader base of stakeholders in support of NCD prevention and control, in particular in developing countries.

Highlights from the Global Forum

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