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What will be the result of the High-level Meeting on NCDs?

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Q: What will be the result of the High-level Meeting on NCDs?

A: An overarching goal of WHO, the UN family at large, many governments and multiple civil society and private sector entities is to raise the priority given to NCD prevention and control to, in turn, more adequately address the global health, socioeconomic and developmental impacts of NCDs

A key result of the High-level Meeting itself will be the adoption of an outcome document that addresses the key challenges related to the prevention and control of NCDs. The multiple engagements, meetings, reports and other activities at global, regional and national levels will all play their part in shaping what the final document will look like.

The international movement for action is calling for a range of things. These include having governments prioritize NCDs within their national health plans, and strengthen health systems so they can more efficiently cater for NCDs and all other health needs, including communicable diseases, and child and maternal care.

To do this, all countries should accelerate implementation of the Action plan of the Global strategy for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, while global goal, targets and indicators would support the monitoring and control of the NCDs epidemic. Action on NCDs must be taken by all public sectors, not health alone. And the private sector, from food companies to pharmaceutical firms, must play their role to reduce the threat people face by NCDs.

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