Noncommunicable diseases and mental health

About 9 voluntary global targets

Global Monitoring Framework for NCDs

WHO "Global monitoring framework on NCDs" tracks implementation of the "NCD global action plan" through monitoring and reporting on the attainment of the 9 global targets for NCDs, by 2025, against a baseline in 2010.

Accordingly, governments are urged to (i) set national NCD targets for 2025 based on national circumstances; (ii) develop multisectoral national NCD plans to reduce exposure to risk factors and enable health systems to respond in order to reach these national targets in 2025; and (iii) measure results, taking into account the Global Action Plan.

Definition of targets

Target 1

A 25% relative reduction in the overall mortality from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, or chronic respiratory diseases

Target 2

At least 10% relative reduction in the harmful use of alcohol, as appropriate, within the national context

Target 3

A 10% relative reduction in prevalence of insufficient physical activity

Target 4

A 30% relative reduction in mean population intake of salt/sodium

Target 5

A 30% relative reduction in prevalence of current tobacco use in persons aged 15+ years

Target 6

A 25% relative reduction in the prevalence of raised blood pressure or contain the prevalence of raised blood pressure, according to national circumstances

Target 7

Halt the rise in diabetes and obesity

Target 8

At least 50% of eligible people receive drug therapy and counselling (including glycaemic control) to prevent heart attacks and strokes

Target 9

An 80% availability of the affordable basic technologies and essential medicines, including generics, required to treat major NCDs in both public and private facilities

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