Noncommunicable diseases and mental health

How to enable health systems to respond more effectively and equitably to the health-care needs of people with NCDs

  • Improve health care for NCDs.
  • Strengthen health systems, based on primary health care.
  • Services must be accessible and affordable to all sections of the population - rich and poor, and need to include essential technologies, medicines and technologies, and referral and health information systems as well as skilled health workers.

Policy implementation steps

  • Integrate NCD plans into wider health system planning
  • Provide early detection and treatment services for people at a high risk of heart attacks and strokes and curable cancers
  • Develop health financing policies that move towards universal coverage
  • Establish policies that make generic medicines and effective and appropriate technologies accessible for all
  • Provide training for health workers at all levels of care

Key tools

Publications, guidelines
Discussion papers