Noncommunicable diseases and mental health

How to advance multisectoral action

  • Engage the heath sector systematically across government and with other sectors to address the health dimensions of their activities.
  • Establish institutionalized processes which value cross-sector problem solving and address power imbalances.
  • This includes providing the leadership mandate, incentives, budgetary commitment and sustainable mechanisms that support the health sector to work collaboratively on solutions to prevent and control NCDs.

Policy implementation steps

  • Develop national multisectoral plans
  • Establish an effective multisectoral coordination mechanisms
  • Establish cross-cluster action teams, in particular with Ministries of Agriculture, Education, Finance, Planning, Social Affairs and Welfare, Trade, and Transport
  • Engage with the private sector not affiliated with the tobacco industry, and partner with civil society

Key tools

Publications, guidelines
Discussion papers