Noncommunicable diseases and mental health

How to promote international cooperation and coordination

The UN High-level Meeting on NCDs is the time to acknowledge that NCDs are a major threat to health and development worldwide, and that we know how to prevent, treat and reduce the burden of NCDs. We must act now to:

  • Make prevention work worldwide and involve all sectors
  • Invest in strong health systems and services and scale up access to NCD treatment and care in all countries
  • Establish robust health financing systems
  • Put NCDs at the heart of efforts to promote economic growth and position NCDs as central to development

Policy implementation steps

  • This is the second time in the UN history that the UN General Assembly will meet on an emerging health issue with major socio-economic impact.
  • The UN General Assembly is calling for the participation of Heads of State and Government
  • The UN General Assembly has requested that the Meeting will result in a concise action-oriented outcome document, that will contain commitments to address NCDs. This will shape the international agenda for generations to come.

Key tools

Publications, resolutions