Global Database on Child Growth and Malnutrition


We thank the parents and children who participated in the numerous nutritional studies. The results of these studies are the basis of this Global Database.

The Department of Nutrition for Health and Development is grateful for the support of many individuals, institutions, governments and nongovernmental and international organizations for their continual collaboration in maintaining this database.

A special note of thanks is due to all those who provided standardized information and reanalyses of data sets to conform to the database requirements. We are particularly grateful to Dr Allen Shoemaker who has developed the WHO standard analysis programme and analysed many data sets for obtaining comprehensive results in the common format.

We thank Mr Amir Naïmi who created the database software system, its web application and provided technical support to the system's maintenance.

The database was moved to the WHO generic data management system in 2017 and is housed in the Global Health Observatory for easy access and download. We are grateful to our colleagues who facilitated this move.