An action framework

NHD's mission

In light of these challenges and trends NHD aims at building and implementing a science-based, comprehensive, integrated and action/policy-oriented "Nutrition Agenda" at global, regional and country levels that addresses the whole spectrum of nutrition problems towards attaining the Millennium Development Goals and other nutrition-related international commitments, including the prevention the diet-related chronic diseases.

Strategic Approaches

Towards this aim, NHD's core function is to provide Member States and the international community with science-based norms, standards, recommendations and technical guidance. It is also to provide operational and political support to Member States for building their capacity in identifying problems and best policy options, implementing the required nutrition interventions, monitoring progress and assessing impact.

NHD acts globally and internationally to raise awareness and build alliances, networks and partnerships to support it's objectives.

NHD 10-step Rapid Action Plan

WHO's response is amalgamated in 10 Rapid Action Plan (RAP) to provide technical support aiming at improving .

  • the effectiveness of comprehensive and integrated national nutrition policies and programmes
  • the scaling up of measures to reach the nutrition-related components of MDG1, to improve child-survival (MDG4), and contribute to the attainment of all MDGs
  • the promotion of healthy diets through the life course and the reduction of obesity and diet-related chronic diseases
  • country-led response to HIV/AIDS to address the two-way impact of HIV/AIDS on food security.