Key to the data tables

Data tables

The most recent survey information for each country is displayed at the top of the data tables, followed by earlier surveys if available. Within each survey, the data of the total population surveyed (Total) is displayed first. Disaggregated data are displayed thereafter by sex, area, region or other suitable criteria. An empty field means that no data has been reported.

Administrative level

The following abbreviations are used to describe survey administrative levels:

N = National
R = Regional
S = State
D = District
L = Local

Surveys carried out exclusively in Urban and Rural areas are specified by adding a U or R to the administrative level. For example NU stands for National Urban.

Date of survey

The date field reflects the year(s) during which the survey took place.

Location and sample descriptor

This field describes the location of the survey and the sample itself.


The sex of the population surveyed.

B = Both
F = Females
M = Males

Sample size

The sample size of population investigated. The abbreviation NS (not specified) is used when the sample size is not provided in the survey report.


References for each country are shown at the bottom of the data table(s)
(Reference: reference for which data are presented).

Survey note

These notes provide additional information applying to the entire survey (e.g. details on the survey design). Details are given at the bottom of the data table(s).

Line notes

These notes provide additional information to the data found in a specific line. Details are given at the bottom of all data table(s).