Global Database on National Nutrition Policies and Programmes

The Global Database on National Nutrition Policies and Programmes was established in 1995 initially to monitor and evaluate the progress in implementing the World Declaration and Plan of Action for Nutrition. However, it has been further developed to monitor country progress in developing, strengthening and implementing national nutrition plans, policies and programmes, including multi-sectoral actions, development of dietary guidelines, undertaking of nutrition surveys, demographic, and epidemiological data. Included in the database are:

  • outcomes of a 1994 evaluation on country progress in implementing the World Declaration and Plan of Action for Nutrition;1
  • status of the development and implementation of national food and nutrition policies and plans since 1994;
  • summary of available national food and nutrition policies and plans, including priority goals and strategies and planned programme activities, together with estimated budget, where available;
  • technical and financial support provided to Member States by WHO and other agencies;
  • demographic data relating to health and nutrition for each country;
  • information on multisectoral action, development of dietary guidelines, and nutrition surveys;
  • trends in WHO’s global and regional nutrition budget since 1988; and
  • information on regional activities, where applicable.

The data and information is derived mainly from government polices and plans, such as national plans of action for nutrition, national food and nutrition polices, national health policies, and other food and nutrition related polices, where applicable. Data have also been obtained from country reports prepared for the International Conference on Nutrition in 1992, the World Food Summit in 1996 and various regional follow-up meetings and consultations. Additional data and information are also provided periodically by each WHO Regional Office. It is envisaged that the regional review meetings planned for 2000 for the African Region, the Region of the Americas, and the Eastern Mediterranean Region will generate additional new data and information for countries in those respective regions.

The Section on Developing and Implementing National Nutrition Policies and Plans (Section 4.1 in this report) was prepared using the data and information extracted from this database. Furthermore, currently a global review and comparative analysis of national nutrition policies, and plans of action is being undertaken using the data and information available in this database to evaluate progress and country experiences. This review will look at priority nutrition issues identified by countries, key elements for developing and implementing effective and sustainable nutrition policies and programmes, lessons learned, and the way forward, including further actions and support required.

1 These data were used as the basis for preparing the WHO Progress Report, Nutrition: Highlights of recent activities in the context of the World Declaration and Plan of Action for Nutrition (WHO/NUT/95.2) and the Joint FAO/WHO Progress Report on the Implementation of the ICN World Declaration and Plan of Action for Nutrition, Geneva, World Health Organization, and Rome, Food and Agriculture Organization, 1996, which was submitted through ECOSOC to the UN General Assembly.