Meeting of the WHO Nutrition Guideline Expert Advisory Group (NUGAG)

Subgroup on Nutrition in the life course and undernutrition: area infections

28 November – 1 December 2011, John Knox Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

WHO is convening a WHO Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group Meeting for the Nutrition in the Life course and Undernutrition subgroup in Geneva, Switzerland from 28 November to 1 December 2011 as part of its normative work on nutrition and infections.

The main objectives of this NUGAG Meeting are to:

  • Present for discussion the systematic reviews of the evidence, the GRADE evidence profiles, and the evidence-informed recommendations for global guidelines on:
    • Nutritional care and support of adolescents (>14 years) and adults living with HIV, including pregnant and lactating women
    • Nutrition/Food support to improve the nutritional status of TB patients
  • Determine the strength of the recommendations, considering the balance of evidence for benefits and harms, and taking into account costs, values and preferences.
  • Define implications for research in the areas discussed.
  • Agree on a ‘review by’ date for the guideline validity, considering the ongoing research and controversies.
  • Discuss the way forward including implementation of the guidelines and programmatic implications.

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