Meeting of the WHO Nutrition Guideline Expert Advisory Group (NUGAG)

Subgroup on Micronutrients

7 - 9 November 2011, WHO AMRO/PAHO, Washington DC

WHO is convening a WHO Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group Meeting for the Subgroup on Micronutrients in WHO/AMRO-PAHO, Washington DC, from 7 to 9 November 2011 to finalize its biennial 2010-2011 normative work plan.

The main objectives of this NUGAG Subgroup on Micronutrients meeting are:

  • Discuss the evidence-informed recommendations for global guidelines on:
    • home (point of use) fortification of foods with multiple micronutrient powders for preschool and school-age children;
    • vitamin D supplementation for women during pregnancy;
    • calcium supplementation for women during pregnancy;
  • Determine the strength of these recommendations, considering the balance of evidence for benefits and harms, and taking into account costs, values and preferences.
  • Define implications for research in the areas discussed.
  • Agree on a ‘review by’ date for the guideline validity, considering the ongoing research and controversies.
  • Discuss the decision-making process for country adaptation and implementation of global guidelines into national public health programmes.

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