FAO/WHO International symposium on sustainable food systems for healthy diets and improved nutrition

1 - 2 December 2016
FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy

About the symposium

The Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) adopted the ICN2 Rome Declaration on Nutrition and its Framework for Action, and governments committed to eradicate hunger and prevent all forms of malnutrition worldwide. Among others, Member States committed to enhance sustainable food systems by developing coherent public policies from production to consumption across relevant sectors to provide year-round access to food that meets people’s nutrition needs and promote safe and diversified healthy diet.

One year later at the historical global summit, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted to guide global development through 2030 while ensuring that no one is left behind. The SDG 2 as well as many other SDG goals reiterate and reinforce the commitments made at ICN2. The momentum for nutrition was further built by the proclamation of the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition from 2016 to 2025 by the United Nations General Assembly in April 2016.

The UN Decade of Action on Nutrition reinforces the call for a comprehensive transformation towards sustainable food systems to deliver healthy diets. Therefore, FAO and WHO are co-organizing the International Symposium where practical solutions and successful country experiences in implementing sustainable food systems will be shared. The International Symposium will explore policies and programme options for shaping the food systems in ways that deliver foods for a healthy diet, focusing on concrete country experiences and challenges.

The symposium takes a systems approach and will concentrate on three main sub-themes:

  • Supply side policies and measures for increasing access to healthy diets.
  • Demand side policies and measures for increasing access and empowering consumers to choose healthy diets.
  • Measures to strengthen accountability, resilience, and equity within the food system.

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