Briefing Note

2nd NUGAG meeting Subgroups on Micronutrients and Nutrition in the Life Course and Undernutrition

Nutrition in the Life Course and Undernutrition Subgroup

The Department of Nutrition for Health and Development jointly with the Departments of HIV/AIDS and Stop TB organized the meeting of the Subgroup working on the areas of nutrition and infections which took place between 16 and 18 November 2010, to review results of Systematic Reviews, GRADing of the reviews and discuss draft recommendations on prevention and treatment of patients with tuberculosis and to review status of development of guidelines on nutritional care and support of adolescents (>14 years) and adults living with HIV, including pregnant and lactating women.

Nutrition and HIV

Presentations included: a summary of the scientific meeting (held July 2010 in Washington DC by WHO and National Institutes of Health) to present the scientific evidence and the results of the reviews of the literature on nutrition and HIV on adults, adolescents, and pregnant and lactating women. There was also a presentation of the updated PICOT tables including prioritization of population sub-groups and ranking of outcomes. Participants worked on thematic groups, identifying areas that need systematic reviews, and gaps to be covered by research.

Nutrition and TB

Presentations included results of systematic reviews and GRADing of the evidence for four research questions. Participants had group discussion to review in detail the results of the systematic reviews and discussed draft recommendations. For two additional research questions, there was an agreement to proceed with systematic review and GRADing of the evidence.

Follow-up to the meeting will include:

  • Mapping of literature on HIV and nutrition for adults, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women
  • Commissioning systematic reviews for priority research questions on HIV and nutrition
  • Agree on wording for recommendations on TB and nutrition
  • Have a meeting to approve final recommendations on both areas towards the end of 2011