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Archived: HIV and infant feeding

Guidelines for decision-makers

World Health Organization, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNFPA

Publication details

Editors: World Health Organization
Number of pages: 75
Publication date: 2003
Languages: English, French, Spanish
ISBN: 92 4 159122 6



In order to assist in putting general guidance on HIV and infant feeding into practice in countries, in 2003 WHO and UN partners (with valuable inputs from NGOs, researchers and government officials) revised HIV and Infant Feeding: Guidelines for Decision-makers. The purpose of this publication is to provide information on issues that need to be considered in relation to infant and young child feeding in the context of HIV, and to highlight areas of special concern on which policy decisions need to be made locally.

The guidelines contain an overview of international policy, goals and guidelines; background on HIV and infant feeding; current recommendations for HIV-positive women and considerations relating to different feeding options; an overview of the process of developing or revising a national policy on infant and young child feeding incorporating HIV concerns; considerations for countries considering the provision of free or low-cost infant formula; suggestions for protecting, promoting and supporting appropriate infant feeding in the general population; key issues in supporting HIV-positive women in their infant feeding decisions; and considerations on monitoring and evaluation.