Infant feeding the physiological basis

World Health Organization

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Editors: James Akre
Number of pages: 108
Publication date: 1990
Languages: English
ISBN: 92 4 068670 3



Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Supplement to Volume 67, 1989.

Appropriate infant feeding practices are conditioned by the nutritional needs and degree of functional maturity of infants, particularly as regards their excretory capacity and defences against infection, and the type of food given. This publication reviews the latest scientific information on the physiological development of infants during the prenatal period and first year of life, and the implications for infant feeding. It emphasizes appropriate dietary patterns and practices based on the nutritional adequacy of the food and the infant's evolving nutritional requirements.

This publication provides the scientific basis for preparing guidelines on infant feeding, taking into account the available foods and local customs. It is intended mainly for general practitioners, obstetricians, paediatricians, midwives, nutritionist and nurses, and for those in schools of public health. It will also be of interest to general readers who wish to update their knowledge on this subject.