Food and nutrition policies and programmes list of publications

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Intersectoral food and nutrition plans and policies

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International Conference on Nutrition (ICN)

Follow-up to the International Conference on Nutrition (ICN)


ICN follow-up meeting for francophone African countries
Cotonou, Benin, July 1995

ICN follow-up meeting for anglophone African countries
Harare, Zimbabwe, April 1995

Workshop on nutrition for ICN focal points
Dakar, Senega, June 1994

Post ICN ECSA conference on food and nutrition
Nairobi, Kenya, December 1993

Seminar on food and nutrition surveillance and ICN follow-up for lusophone African countries
Bissau, Guinea Bissau, May 1993


Sub-regional ICN follow-up workshop for english-speaking Caribbean Kingston, Jamaica, December 1994

Sub-regional ICN follow-up workshop for South America Quito, Ecuador, March 1994

Sub-regional ICN follow-up workshop for Central America, Spanish speaking Caribbean & Mexico Tegucigalpa, Honduras, October 1993

Eastern Mediterranean
South-East Asia

Regional ICN follow-up meeting
New Delhi, India, November 1995

Report of a regional workshop: National plans of action for nutrition: an ICN follow-up World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia, 1995

Western Pacific

Workshop on national food and nutrition policies and ICN follow-up for the Asian countries in the region
Manila, Philippines, November 1994

Follow-up meeting for south pacific countries
Nadi, Fiji, October 1994