FAO/WHO Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2)

Preparatory process leading towards the FAO/WHO ICN2 reaches a breakthrough milestone

Member States witnessed a breakthrough milestone on 12 October 2014 when they reached a consensus on key policy recommendations to tackle nutrition challenges during the next 10 years.

As part of a preparatory process leading towards ICN2, Member States met through an Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) in Geneva 22-23 September 2014 and again in Rome 10-12 October 2014 to agree on a set of commitments to improve nutrition for present and future generations around the world.

Chaired by high-level officials from Austria, Ecuador, Egypt and the Czech Republic, governments reached consensus on 12 October 2014 around a Political Declaration and Framework for Action, which commit Member States to address the multiple challenges of malnutrition and outline how they can achieve that during the next 10 years. The consensus was reached on the final day of the preparatory process and will be transmitted to Ministers of Agriculture, Health and Foreign Affairs for their consideration at the ICN2 itself, taking place 19-21 November 2014 in Rome.

The preparatory process leading towards ICN2 was jointly organized by FAO and WHO. FAO and WHO are both helping governments in their national efforts to address malnutrition, which currently affects more than half the world’s population and represents the single biggest contributor to child mortality. One of the major problems encountered in many countries is the lack of policy coherence across sectors -- ranging from trade to agriculture and public health -- to ensure that all people have access to adequate, safe, diversified and nutrient-rich food that contribute to healthy diets.

WHO’s Director-General, Dr Margaret Chan, addressed the OEWG through a video message.

WHO's Director-General video message

FAO and WHO will continue their preparations to organize the ICN2 itself. The Conference is expected to unite stakeholders around a common nutrition agenda for the future that rests on the core-values of human rights, equality and sustainability, and that is based on concrete end-goals and targets.


FAO-WHO Nutrition advocacy film for ICN2

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