Choosing Good Nutrition: The WHO electronic Library of Evidence for Nutrition Actions (eLENA)

One year of experience

One year after the launch of the WHO electronic Library of Evidence for Nutrition Actions (eLENA), we are pleased to announce that the eLENA website is now available in four languages.

On 10 August 2011, the Department of Nutrition for Health and Development in collaboration with other departments within WHO launched eLENA as a new web-based tool designed to assist Members States and partners in making informed decisions on the appropriate actions to improve the health and nutrition of populations globally. One year later, eLENA includes 48 nutrition intervention titles, along with biological and behavioural rationales, invited commentaries on recent systematic reviews prepared by public health experts, and additional resources produced by Member States and global partners. On average, the site is accessed by over 9,000 users per month, with total visits reaching 113,471 over the past year.

The English edition of eLENA currently contains nutrition action titles ranging from infant feeding behavioural interventions to recommendations on supplementation and fortification with micronutrients across the various stages of the life. By the end of 2012 the number of titles is expected to reach 70 and eLENA will be translated into the remaining WHO official languages (i.e. Arabic and Chinese) to further facilitate the use of the information and reach the maximum number of potential users.