Technical support and collaboration with UN partners and NGOs in emergencies

  • Technical support is provided in emergencies to front-line UN partner organizations (UNHCR, WFP and UNICEF), other international humanitarian/relief agencies, and governments.
    • This covers nutrition in emergency and disaster-affected populations, e.g. technical guidance on:
      • nutritional standards
      • food/ration composition
      • assessment and management of malnutrition/specific nutrient deficiencies
      • monitoring nutritional status
      • nutritional surveillance for both prevention/early warning and response when emergencies arise
    • Technical support also includes development of:
      • Guidelines on food and nutritional needs in emergency situations
      • Operational guidance for emergency relief staff and policy-makers on infant feeding in emergencies
      • Guidelines on appropriate management of severe and moderate malnutrition.
  • Technical support in nutrition, in collaboration with HAC and WHO regional nutrition advisors, through participation in emergency response (joint UN assessment/monitoring/programme formulation teams) in emergency-affected areas for nutritional aspects of prevention/rapid response in emergencies.
  • Ensure optimal sustainable health and nutrition benefits of food-assisted development projects targeted to meeting the needs of the vulnerable food-insecure are promoted, particularly by ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of World Food Programme (WFP) food aid policies and programmes in both emergency and development contexts.