Occupational health

Semnan, Islamic Republic of Iran
28-30 April 2014

International consultation on workers’ health coverage

This three-day meeting focused on interventions, indicators and service delivery coinciding with the International Day for Health and Safety at Work and aimed to identify policy options, strategies, and mechanisms to scale up coverage of workers. The objective was to develop criteria and indicators for measuring the access of workers to interventions for prevention and control of occupational and work-related diseases and injuries. The meeting also aimed to draw an international road map and voluntary targets for scaling up coverage of workers with preventive health services.

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1 billion workers
nearly one in three – live below the poverty line of US$2

Universal health coverage for workers

1/3 of countries only have programmes to address occupational diseases

Connecting health and labour
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Its costs 18-60 PPP$ per worker for effective essential interventions and basic health services to prevent occupational and work-related diseases

Strengthening of health surveillance of working populations