Occupational health

Report of the meeting to develop the 2006-2010 work plan of the Global Network of the WHO Network of Collaborating Centres in Occupational Health, Johannesburg, South Africa, 16-17 September 2005

The meeting to develop the structure and content of the new 2006-2010 Work Plan for the WHO Global Network of Collaborating Centers in Occupational Health was held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 16-17 September 2005. The National Institute of Occupational Health hosted the meeting. Delegates included the Network Advisory committee (NIOSH, NIWL, ICPS, FIOH) and Planning Committee (chairs of the 15 task forces of the 2001-2005 Work Plan), IOHA, ICOH and ILO. This report has two sections: the conclusions from the meeting are presented in Part I, and a record of the discussions leading to the decisions is provided in Part II. The appendix includes the agenda and a list of participants.

Description of six activity areas of the WHO Global Network of Collaborating Centres work plan 2006-2010

This document provides description of the Six Activity Areas (AA) that will constitute the structure of the 2006 – 2010 Work Plan of the WHO Global Network, and for which multicentre projects with global or regional impact are sought. The detailed descriptions of the six Activity Areas were prepared by the Temporary Managers of the AAs, following the Johannesburg meeting of the Global Network Advisory and Planning Committees on 16-17 September, 2005.