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Protecting Workers' Health Series No. 9 - Guidance on the European Framework for Psychosocial Risk Management

Guidance on the European Framework for Psychosocial Risk Management

This guidance document is the ninth in a series of occupational health documents entitled: Protecting Workers’ Health, published by the WHO within the Programme of Occupational Health. It is the result of the implementation effort of the Global Strategy on Occupational Health for All as agreed upon at the Fourth Network Meeting of the WHO Collaborating Centres in Occupational Health which was held in Espoo, Finland from 7-9 June 1999. More recently, it has gained further impetus following the endorsement by the World Health Assembly (2007) of the Global Plan of Action on Workers’ Health, 2008-2017.

The overarching aim of this document is the promotion of the translation of policy and knowledge into practice. As such, guidance is provided in relation to key issues including risk assessment, social dialogue and employee participation, key indicators, best practice interventions and corporate social responsibility in the factsheets listed on this website. It is also advised that this guide be used in conjunction with three other published guides of the WHO Protecting Workers’ Health Series: No. 3: Work Organization and Stress No. 4: Raising Awareness of Psychological Harassment at Work No. 6: Raising Awareness of Stress at Work in Developing Countries: A Modern Hazard in a Traditional Working Environment

This document is primarily targeted at employer and worker representatives but will also be useful to occupational health professionals and experts and to policy makers. Such a framework, bringing together a number of key issues in the area and providing guidance on them, has so far been lacking and is necessary for employer and worker representatives to take effective action to address the issues of concern.