Occupational health

Workplace health protection and promotion in the policy and practice of social and health insurance institutions

Report on a WHO Meeting, Bilthoven, Netherlands, 21–22 October 1999

EUR/ICP/EHBI 02 02 02

The meeting, organized by the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health – Bilthoven Division in collaboration with the Research and Development Centre, Social Insurance Institution, Turku, Finland, had the following objectives: (a) to explore the interest of European social and health insurance organizations in health protection and health promotion at the workplace; and (b) to define the willingness of these organizations to share their experiences in this field. Representatives of social insurance organizations from eight countries participated. The meeting decided to establish a WHO Network of European Social Insurance Organizations for Workplace Health Promotion. The network will focus mainly on: advocating the organizations’ commitment to health promotion; exchange of information on country experience; and the analysis and dissemination of examples of good practice and minimal standards.

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