Occupational health

Global strategy on occupational health for all: The way to health at work

Recommendation of the second meeting of the WHO Collaborating Centres in Occupational Health, 11-14 October 1994, Beijing, China

Follow-up to the implementation of the Global Strategy

Effective follow-up to the Global Strategy is needed. In planning the future of the WHO Workers’ Health Programme, the indicators for follow-up of the strategy implementation will be developed. The follow-up data will be examined not only by WHO governing bodies but also by the Planning Group of the Workers’ Health Programme and the meeting of the WHO Collaborating Centres in Occupational Health.

Evaluation is understood to be an integrated part of the planning, programming and implementation of any activity, including occupational health. Guidelines for such evaluation have been published by WHO and others. This approach to evaluation was further developed in the 1980s and 1990s to include not only the post hoc assessment of efficacy and effectiveness of activities but also the ex ante assessment of all the quality parameters of occupational health activities. The adoption of quality man-66.agement principles (such as continuous quality improvement, or CQI) in all activities concerning occupational health, including the Workers’ Health Programme, will be encouraged within WHO and its Network of Collaborating Centres.

Special guidance and encouragement for the evaluation of national activities in occupational health will be produced for counties through the Network of WHO Collaborating Centres.