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The Global Occupational Health Network (GOHNET) Newsletter gives members the opportunity to read topical discussions on occupational health and safety (OHS). If you would like to receive the Newsletter and be informed about what happens at WHO in the area of OHS, please go to the following location and complete the GOHNET survey:

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The e-GOHNET Newsletter is published on the WHO's Occupational Health website and is disseminated to a wide and diverse population. It is a vehicle to communicate specific activities and projects that contribute to the implementation of the WHO Global Plan of Action for Workers’ Health, 2008-2017 (GPA) for the benefit of stakeholders in workers’ health.

If you would like to submit an article for inclusion in the e-GOHNET Newsletter, please read carefully the "Contributors’ Information" document (see link below) which will guide you through the requirements for submissions. Articles should be short, 400–500 words maximum (excluding author information, references and links). We encourage you to use links where appropriate. As always, contributors are requested to provide full names, titles, Programmes or Departments, Institute names, and email addresses. The Editor reserves the right to edit manuscripts and to decide which contributions will be published.

Your article should be presented in a clear and non-technical language, i.e. engaging and accessible for the non-specialist. We also welcome high-quality images of graphs and tables and/or high-quality digital photos. Please refrain from sending in scientific contributions.

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