Occupational health

Protecting and promoting health at the workplace

GOHNET Newsletter Number 14
10 October 2007

You are invited to contribute an article to the Global Occupational Health Newsletter (GOHNET) with practical examples from your country on protecting and promoting health in the workplace. In May this year the 60th World Health Assembly endorsed the WHO global plan of action on workers' health 2008-2017.

Assessment and management of health risks at the workplace
  • define essential interventions for prevention and control of mechanical, physical, chemical, biological and psychosocial risks;
  • apply integrated management of chemicals at the workplace;
  • eliminate second-hand tobacco smoke from all indoor workplaces;
  • improve occupational safety through health-impact assessment of new technologies, work processes and products at the design stage.
Development and enforcement of regulations and a basic set of occupational health standards
  • compliance with minimum requirements for health and safety protection;
  • workplace health inspection;
  • collaboration between the competent regulatory agencies.
Building capacities for primary prevention of occupational hazards, diseases and injuries
  • human, methodological and technological resources;
  • training of workers and employers;
  • introduction of healthy work practices and work organization and of a health promoting culture at the workplace;
  • development of healthy workplaces, including consultation with, and participation of workers, and employers.
Health promotion and prevention of chronic and communicable diseases
  • healthy diet and physical activity;
  • promoting mental and family health at work;
  • prevention and control of tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria and avian influenza at the workplace.

Deadline for contributions: 30 October 2007