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Joint WHO-ILO-UNAIDS policy guidelines for improving health workers' access to HIV and TB prevention, treatment, care and support services

Joint UN ILO WHO UNAIDS guidelines on HIV and TB

These guidelines were launched on 26 November 2010. They:

  • reinforce the implementation of the best practices for health workers who are living with, or have been affected by HIV or TB, or with risk of exposure to HIV and TB at work
  • promote and protect the health of health workers and retain them in the workforce
  • compile existing clinical and policy guidelines, and new evidence, into a coherent set of recommendations to improve access for health workers to HIV and TB services.

The policy guidelines are an important tool for countries to use for the development of national plans or policies for the protection of health workers.

WHO Collaborating Centres from Canada, Croatia, Colombia, Egypt, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, and the United States were involved in the development of the guidelines as well as WHO occupational health staff from regional offices in Southeast Asia and the Americas. In addition, the social partners of the International Organization of Employers and Public Services International, the public sector trade union representing health workers globally, the World Medical Association, International Council of Nurses and International Hospital Federation participated in the tripartite working party to validate the guidelines.